Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Banana Pancakes - Gluten Free, oh yeah

When I first started changing my diet I found the hardest part was changing habits. We're so used to eating the way we eat. Now lets say you want to reduce the Carbs or at least  Gluten in your diet. It's the easiest way to freak people out. What do you eat when you can't eat Bread of Cereal or Pancakes for breakfast? Or Pasta, Rice and Potatoes for lunch? It drives people crazy. Why? Cause we're just so used to eating what we eat on a daily basis.

I'm here now to take your hand and tell you: It's gonna be alright. And to calm you down: Carbs and Gluten won't kill you (Unless you're allergic, then they might cause you problems of course.). I'm a firm believer in the notion that everything is okay for you body if you eat it in small quantities. Same goes for Gluten. Generations of people lived healthily on wheat-based food and Gluten and were fine. That said: It doesn't mean you can't at least make an efford to reduce some of the intake.

In a later post I might explain the fuzz about Gluten but for now let's focus on this incredibly delicious breakfast idea to calm your no-carbs-panic:

Banana Pancakes:

For this recipe you'll need:
  • 1 Egg
  • 1 Banana
  • Coconut Oil (Optional)
  • Ground Coconut (Optional)
  • Vanilla Extract (Optional)

Just keep this in mind: 1 Egg and 1 Banana is basically ALL you need. Everything else, ground coconut, oats, sirup, buttermilk, coco powder - you name it! All that is optional and a great way to make these your own. I'm having a momenet with coconut, so I choose that flavor.

Pop your ingredients in a blender and blitz it up.

Preheat your pan and - and this is very important - add some healthy oil. Seriously. I tried frying them dry.They burned fairly quickly.

If you added things like oats your pancaces will probably be firmer and more stable. These however are kinda fragile. But it's okay. Just add one table spoon of banana-egg mixture per pancake and prepare for the fact that you WILL screw at least half of them up ;)

As with regular pancakes wait for the bubbles to show up on top, then turn them.

Repeat the process and keep the pan oiled to prevent the banana from burning.

And this is what you end up with. A pretty heap of tiny, delicious, healthy pancakes.

I decided to add some low fat greek yoghurt, some of my Mom's self made blackberry jam and a tablespoon of ground coconut on top.

Oh the deliciousness!

If you're using Weight Watchers, the basic recipe has around 3 to 4 ProPoints, depending on how much oil you use. I gave my portion 5 ProPoints for the ground coconut and additional ingredients.

I hope you enjoyed this breafast idea! Let me know what ingredients you would add!

Enjoy and stay sexy,


  1. I looove pancake.This remind me on the Song from Jack Johnson also called Banana Pancakes! One of my favorite from him. :-)

    1. I never heard that song! I should check it out :)