Sunday, 16 March 2014

Popcorn - Depressingly simple.

It's Snack attack once again!
I plan on watching some "Velvet Goldmine" right now. And what sack comes to mind when you think about watching a movie? Exactly: Popcorn.

I will show you the embarrassingly simple recipe for fat free Popcorn.

You will need:
  • Dried maize kernels
  • Spices (Optional)

For one person 50 grams of maizle kernels is more than enough to munch on. Put the kernels into a pan or pot with a long handle and put on a lid before putting it on high heat, no oil, no nothing.
By the way: I prefer glass lids so I see the action.

I've made my fair share of popcorn in my life and let me tell you: It's worth putting a tiny bit of effort into it. So once the pan gets hot and some leftover moisture from the kernels evaporates, start moving the pan every 10-15 seconds. That's why I chose a pot with a long handle: So I can shake things up properly.

So stand by your pot and shake it every 10-15 seconds. I used to just put the kernels in in the pan and wait for them to pop. Too often I ended up with burned or tiny pieces popcorn. Shaking them ensures every side of the kernels gets some heat before popping properly.

Even while the popcorn is filling up the pan I keep shaking it every now and then so nothing burns.

Finally fill your delicious, hot popcorn into a bowl and season if wanted. I'm a actually fine with just salt.

If you're using Weight Watchers: This 50g bowl of Popcorn only has 5 ProPoints.

Enjoy your movie and be sexy!

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