Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Strawberry Banana Breakfast Smoothie - Goodness on the go

So last week while shopping I bought strawberries for the first time this yeah. They weren't perfect yet but oh, who doesn't love strawberries? This morning I went for a delicious vegan  smoothie to keep me fueled and let me tell you that it was amazing!

Strawberry Banana Breakfast Smoothie

For this breakfast you will need:
  • 1 Banana
  • Strawberries
  • Soy-milk
  • Oats

Cut the fruit up and put the into a blender with the oats.

The oats I used are an amwesome mix I found the store thanks to my boss. It's an unsweetened 6-grain oat mix with sunflower seeds. Delicious!

Add the Soy-milk. (Soy Milk is fairly new to me. I heard it's not that wide spread in the fitness-community, but you can always replace it with regular milk or almond milk.)

Mix everything up.


If you're using Weight Watchers, this whole shake had only around 5 ProPoints. You can always reduce this number by using Almond- or Skimmed Milk or reducing the oats.

Enjoy and be sexy!


  1. I like your recipe! I often make Banana Milkshakes with old bananas which are very sweet. Today i also brought strawberry. I hope they are sweeter, than the first ones i brought a few weeks ago. I really like your recipes, they are so creative and looks really delicous and heathly.

    1. Thank you Sarah! Nice to see you here :D I also love ripe bananas. The browner the better!