Thursday, 30 January 2014

Crispy Shrimp. It's like fish fingers - only better!

Who doesn't love shrimp? I know I do. They are extremely delicious and low in calories. Today I will show you a super easy way to pimp your shrimp for a party or maybe to put on top of a salad.

Crispy Shrimp:

For this recipe you will need:
  • Shrimp (250g here)
  • 1 Egg
  • Flour
  • Bread Crumbs (You can make them from stale bread if needed, I used organic Whole Wheat bread crumbs)
  • Salt/Spices/Dried herbs

I went a bit to hard on the shrimp while thawing them in the microwave. I think this should work with fresh or slowly thawed shrimp too but oh well, this is what I had to use. So first off: clean the shrimp - you don't want any poop in them.

Prepare three bowls, one with flour, one with a very well spiced and salted egg-mix - this is what gives flavor to your shrimp. I used salt and dried garlic on them. (I used a bit to little, so I advice to keep in mind that this thin layer of this egg is what gives your shrimp their taste.) Finally, a bowl of bread crumbs.

After cleaning the shrimp start by coating a couple at a time with flour ...

... dip them into the egg-mix second ....

... and finally coat them into the bread crumbs (You could also put dried herbs in the crumbs if wanted).

Put the shrimp into the oven ...

... and bake at 150° C until golden and crispy (For me it took around 15 Minutes). Just keep an eye on your shrimp, I'm not exactly sure about how long raw shrimp will need in the oven. When in doubt try one ;)

If you're using Weight Watchers: Half of this recipe has between 6 and 7 ProPoints.

Enjoy and be sexy,

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