Monday, 20 January 2014

Diet, casually- Sparkling water. Fuzzy and with a kick.

A thing I learned years ago was that it's never a good idea to drink your calories. I'm not talking about your store-bought smoothies or Venti White Chocolate Mochas today. I'm also not talking about the healthy exception of self-made breakfast smoothies or juices that both serve as a whole meal. I'm talking about soda.

I too must confess that I enjoy soda and ice tea. There were times where I drank at least one bottle of diet soda or diet ice tea a day. All to willingly did I ignore the signs that my body did not like that chemical stuff - because it just tasted so good. But at some point in time I started changing that habit, reducing my soda intake to one bottle a week, sometimes even less.

Soda: Sparkling water with lemon or lime juice
We Germans sure love our fizzy mineral water. It's not that widespread outside Germany I heard, but we can't live without its bubbly freshness. Back when I was in school our American exchange students didn't like it and described the taste as "salty" - but I encourage you to give it a try. But here's the twist: Use the juice of half a lime or lemon, orange or grapefruit to give it a fruity taste. It won't be as sweet as soda but we're not trying to recreate soda, are we?
Should you have a lime or lemon that's organic and not treated with chemicals, you can also cut it into pieces and put those into your bottle.

Your body will thank you!

Enjoy and be sexy,

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