Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Porridge with Hot Apples. Not only for kids.

This turned out to be a humongous portion - I always underestimate oats, don't you too? Oh well. It's still a delicious start into the day. Consider this a meal for two people.

So here we go: Porridge with hot apples

For this 2-people-breakfast you will need:
  • 80 g Oats
  • Milk (to your liking)
  • Apples
  • Cinnamon
  • Sugar

Peel and chop up the apples, put them into the a pot with a tbs of sugar and cinnamon and bring it to a boil.

Cooking the porridge is a matter of personal taste. Some like it with water, I personally can't stand cooking it with water so I use milk. Coat the oats with water or milk or a mix of both, add a tiny bit of salt and a tbs of sugar.

Cook and simmer for a few minutes until you have a nice, thick consistency.

As for the hot apples, cook them until soft. But we don't want apple sauce. Take a potato masher and break a few of the apple chungs into tiny pieces.

Pour the porridge on a plate, add the hot apple, garnish with a pinch of flaxseed and cinnamon if wanted. Aaaand we're done.

Those 80 g of oats were absolutely enough for two people so I didn't manage to finish this plate - all the better to take to work tomorrow.

If you're using Weight Watchers: Half of this plate, one portion, has between 5 and 7 ProPoints, depending on the amount of milk you cook with.

Enjoy and be sexy,


  1. Oh schon wieder ein favourite! Ich liebe Porridge, aber mit Zimtäpfeln haben ichs auch noch nicht gegessen. *gespeichert*

    1. Die Zimpt äpfel kannst du auch morgens schnell in der Mikrowelle machen und mit Haferflocken Essen, wenns schnell gehen muss. Auch ne schöne Idee :D