Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Diet, casually - Tomato puree

One thing I finally understood since I started my dietary change is that diet is not only about "restricting" but most of all about "changing". Little changes can take you far in a long run.

This is why I welcome you to the first installment of "Diet - casually." where I talk to you on how to improve your every day diet by simply switching one food product for another. Those things helped me along the way of losing weight and I want to share them with you. Hopefully these tips can be helpful for you too.

Let's start today's post with something I bet a lot of you will find weird. But trust me: It's awesome.

Bread Spread: Tomato puree
I bet none of you tried this before. It's been years since I started using tomato puree as a bread spread instead of butter or margarine. The main reason was that it has 0 points on Weight Watchers, but it stuck with me because I learned to love it.

There are many variations of tomato puree to chose from, some of them containing herbs, chilli or even onion. Alternatively, in case you're not a tomato-fan, you can try something like bell pepper puree. But be warned that it's more expensive. Something I can't stress enough is that in no way is ketchup an alternative to tomato puree.  Not only is it completely differend in taste, it's also full of sugar.

Should neither tomato puree nor bell pepper puree be to your liking try using mustard or horseradish as a bread spread instead.

All of these spreads are just so full of flavor compared to butter. They're fruity and delicious, plus, if you don't like it as a bread spread you still have a base for different sauces.

Enjoy and be sexy,

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